Our green Bowling is a sport in which the objective of each player is to roll the biased balls (wood) so that they stop close to a smaller white ball called (jack). The person/team whose “wood/s” (bowling ball) roll nearest the jack, wins the round.

You may play in pairs and in teams. We play flat bowling green. It is normally played outdoors and the outdoor surface is natural grass, like this best cleaning services in san francisco. Our bowling green is used for training purposes by The Kenya Bowling Association.

Any member may play @ Ksh. 150 and guest @ Ksh. 200. We also have bowling section special members’ fee of only Ksh. 2,000 per month.

These fees do not apply to club members but Kenya Bowling Association members only. The bowling socials are Tuesday – Friday from 4p.m and weekends depending on match fixtures.

3Special Members Monthly Fee2000

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